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Laughter IS Serious Business


Time to get serious about laughing!!! There are huge benefits to laughing. Documented research has

shown sustained laughter, such as with Laughter Yoga, can help reduce stress and anxiety,

lower blood pressure, cholesterol and help to build the immune system, all without jokes!

And of course, laughter at ANYTIME is beneficial!


Whether you are curious about how laughter, and Laughter Yoga, can help you or your community or a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader or Teacher, we invite you to check out these workshops.

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Laugh for Your Health ONLINE Workshops
Discover the importance of laughter to our health, our communities and our lives
Check back often for the latest Workshops and the Fall schedule!

Presenters receive all workshop profits.


Dementia, Chair Exercise and Laughter

In this workshop you will learn strategies and techniques for a safe environment and effective exercises.


Laura Lou Pape-McCarthy

CLYL, Laughter Ambassador, Chair Fitness Specialist, Parkinson's Disease Movement & Voice Instructor 



“Moving with

Laughter and Grief”

Our body speaks the truth. When we don’t feel our feelings, they

become suppressed.

Our emotions need motion.

Workshop Information




Paul Denniston, CLYT,

Hatha Yoga, Author

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"We don't laugh because we are happy, we are happy because we laugh."

William James

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