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The Beginning

Carole Holcomb yoga teacher

Laughter Yoga Fun is the creation of Carole Holcomb. She became a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader in 2013, and in 2014, a Certified Teacher. Her goal back then was to lead one Laughter Yoga session a week with Seniors. When she realized the people she talked to did not know what Laughter Yoga was, her marketing background kicked in and in early 2014 Laughter Yoga Fun began. Carole's goal was to show the many health benefits of laughter and to support Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area. The website Calendar page listed Bay Area sessions and trainings. In January 2023, Carole began making changes to the website in order to spread the benefit of laughter even further and support Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers, wherever they are. In 2017, when she learned children's laughter begins to decline at an early age, she added a Children and Laughter page to the website and created the Laughter Yoga for Children card deck...tested by her great-grandchildren. In 2020 she created the Laughter Yoga Fun card deck for older children and adults to enjoy laughter and playfulness. Over the years she has made presentations to nonprofits, organizations, businesses, and Seniors, about the health benefits of laughter, the playfulness of Laughter Yoga, and the importance of keeping our children laughing. Her email:

Laughter Yoga Fun Advisory Board

Leah Johnson is The Laughing Ginger and goes by the nick name Ginger. She is a
Certified Happiness Life Coach, a Master of Chinese Energetic Medicine, a Licensed Massage Therapist in California CMTC #92492 and a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, trained by Dr Kataria and Vinnayak Shastri in Bangalor Inda 2019. Ginger has had the unique and fortunate experience of working with numerous people around the world not
only in Laughter Yoga but also in energy medicine. She has taught in senior centers, cancer support groups and worked with children in New Mexico, Washington state, California, and online world wide. It is Ginger's privilege to bring people together, building bridges, and creating unity through the unique combinations of Laughter Yoga
and the Movement and Energy of Qigong.

Leah Johnson yoga teacher
Linda Leclerc yoga teacher

Linda LeClerc is a pioneer of the Laughter Yoga movement in North America as she has been active since early 2003, and has strong roots in the corporate world, with over 25 years of experience. She has held a variety of roles including executive director, program director and manager. Her intimate experience in the business world has provided exceptional insight, allowing her to tailor her programs for the specific needs of her corporate clients. Linda has created a number of successful corporate programs over the years and is known for her quality, dynamism and professionalism. Laughter Yoga has been her full time focus since 2009.

Linda is particularly known for her innovative approaches. She created the first Laugher Yoga app for iPhone/iPad and launched two unique interactive online programs dedicated to incorporating more joy into the everyday. She has also released several Laughter Yoga programs on mp3, making her programs portable and accessible. Recognized as a laughter expert, Linda is a regular guest on local, regional and national radio and TV. For the last seven years she has been a monthly TV guest, hosting a laughter chronical and having her own TV shot for a station based in Ottawa. She is the creator of “Laughter Brigade,” a group of Laughter Yoga experts who deliver programs in a variety of settings. In 2015, she launched a podcast “The JOY Element” (in French L’Élément JOIE) where she has conversations with inspiring people.


Her goal is to help leaders and teachers develop a professional approach that will allow them to best fulfill their specific roles, infused with efficiency and inspiration. Every year, Linda offers training to facilitators and coaching to LY leaders and teachers to help them manage the range of situations that may emerge and polish their presentations.


She adopted William James quote “We don’t laugh because we are happy. We are happy because we laugh!

Sarah Routman yoga instructor

Sarah Routman knew just what to do with her MA in adult education: She became a laughter professional. Formerly a high school teacher, adjunct leadership instructor at the University of Minnesota, and Executive Director of two non-profits, she is a sought-after keynote speaker, conference presenter, staff development trainer, and personal coach.


Thanks to her BA in English, and BFA in Photography, she created five coloring books, co-authored ‘Discover the Power of Laughter’ (coming soon) and is a published photographer and poet. Her caregiver chapter in an anthology about living with chronic illness provides a new look at how to unleash joy in our most difficult moments. Sarah wows audiences with her expertise, enthusiasm, and highly interactive laugh-it-out approach toward event planning, corporate wellness, and personal stress management – all while providing a serious and seriously fun exercise workout! She will tickle your funny bone as she turns everything you thought you knew about laughter on its head. She also adds chocolate and different kinds of art to her laughter events for an enhanced experience. She has most recently begun painting on found objects. She has created commissioned pieces for individuals and companies and has exhibited her work in Ohio and Minnesota.

Laughter Yoga Beginning

Dr. Madan Kataria

Laughter Yoga was created in India in 1995 by medical doctor Dr. Madan Kataria as he was researching an article, “Laughter-The Best Medicine.” The laughter that began with five people in a park has now spread to over 100 countries with thousands of Laughter Clubs. It is practiced by first responders such as police and fire personnel, in hospitals and by organizations, businesses and individuals throughout the World and by all ages. Laughter Yoga is a combination of deep breathing exercises and playful activities full of guided giggling and  that is a well-being workout that can greatly boost your energy and enhance your vitality. Just as smiling can do more for your facial muscles than frowning, imagine what a hearty belly laugh can do! Laugh out loud and live life to the fullest!

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