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Certified Trainings

Are you interested in sharing joy, laughter, and tranquility with others?

Joy, laughter and tranquility can be shared by becoming a Laughter Yoga Leader. It can also be shared via certifications from other programs that include laughter in their trainings, an important element in keeping us healthy!

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL) Training

Who should attend? Anyone who wants to bring more Laughter to their Community:

  • Workplace—studies have shown Laughter Yoga can ease stress, increase productivity

  • Health care—Laughter Yoga is practiced in many hospitals for a variety of patients: cancer, Parkinson’s, heart to name a few

  • Seniors—helps to ease pain, depression

  • Teachers—studies show Laughter Yoga can increase teacher/student rapport and productivity

  • Therapists—Laughter Yoga elevates moods by releasing feel-good endorphins Or just because you want more Laughter in your life

Sign up for the two-day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL) training and begin sharing laughter with yoga & fitness centers, senior centers, health centers, and business and corporate environments.

Already a Laughter Yoga Leader and want to become a

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher?

Check out the CLYL/Ts Resource Center for more information.


Email to list your trainings and certification programs.

Time Zone Conversion


Work with children?

Learn the basics as a CLYL and convert your training into a Children’s Laughter Club!

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