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Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training

Are you interested in sharing joy, laughter, and tranquility with others?

Bring more Laughter into your life and your Community! Laughing for 10-20 minutes a day is beneficial to our health! And we have thought it was just a lot of fun!

Who should attend? Anyone who wants to bring more Laughter to their Community:

  • Workplace—studies have shown Laughter Yoga can ease stress, increase productivity

  • Health care—Laughter Yoga is practiced in many hospitals for a variety of patients: cancer, Parkinson’s, heart to name a few

  • Seniors—helps to ease pain, depression

  • Teachers—studies show Laughter Yoga can increase teacher/student rapport and productivity

  • Therapists—Laughter Yoga elevates moods by releasing feel-good endorphins Or just because you want more Laughter in your life

Sign up for the two-day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL) training and begin sharing laughter with yoga & fitness centers, senior centers, health centers, and business and corporate environments.


Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers are located throughout the World. Listings below for the 2-day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader trainings are listed by State, provide training and contact information for both in-person and online trainings.


Already a Laughter Yoga Leader and want to become a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher? Training to become Certified is a 5-day event. CLYT trainings are separated from CLYL trainings below and can be either in-person or via Zoom.

Laughter Yoga Professionals: Email to list your trainings.




Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training

Sydney--IN-PERSON: Business Training

CANADA--ONLINE: The Business of Laughter/MasterClass

Advanced Training for
Laughter Yoga Professionals

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training

Work with children?

Learn the basics as a CLYL and convert your training into a Children’s Laughter Club!

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