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Curious About Laughter Yoga?

It's laughter without jokes, laughing just to laugh, with deep breathing exercises and playfulness. AND, laughter is great for our health! So what DOES happen during a session?

  • Laughter exercises encouraging our playfulness

  • It’s Fun and Easy

  • No Skills to Learn

  • No Special Clothes

  • No Special Shoes

  • No Equipment Required

  • You are an Expert from the First Session!

  • We begin with briefly socializing and further laughter discussion

  • Easy stretches to warm up

  • Yoga breathing

  • Laughter meditation

Let it go, Let it go, Let it go….

And Have a Good Time Laughing for Your Health!

Let's Connect!

Would you like to like to bring Laughter to:
  • Yourself and the Calendar page does not list a session near you?

  • An organization or non-profit?

  • A corporation

  • A school?

Send an email with your request. Be sure to list your location.

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