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Parkinson's/Dementia, Chair Exercise & Laughter

Seated movement and voice exercise classes for people with PD stages 1 through 5. 

Laughing and chair yoga for those with movement restrictions

Each individual with PD has a unique range of motor and non-motor symptoms and side-effects.
Being aware of this can make it easy to help the PwP (Person with Parkinson’s Disease) find themselves laughing and
enjoying the benefits. In this workshop you will learn strategies and techniques for a safe
environment and effective exercises. We will explore some of the extra
considerations that come into play when working with movement restrictions and or cognitive decline.

In a group of 15 participants with a PD diagnosis you are likely to find the majority have motor symptoms such as:

  • Reduced coordination and postural control, 

  • Specific motor symptoms are likely to include mask face and decreased blinking,

  • Speech abnormalities include soft voice/monotone voice,

  • Fading volume during the length of a sentence and/or slurred speech.

  • Also common are bradykinesia, dyskinesia, dystonia, impaired balance, freezing, slowness of movement, tremor, trunk stiffness and reduced body awareness.

  • Non-motor symptoms include double vision, hallucinations, delusions, depression, anxiety, apathy, nighttime sleep problems, daytime sleepiness, pain and other sensations, light-headedness on standing, urinary & constipation problems.

  • All 15 participants are likely to find laughing on purpose is easier than they thought it would be!



Who should attend?

Laughter Professionals, caregivers and anyone wanting to bring Laughter to the lives of those suffering from

Parkinson’s, dementia and movement restrictions.

Laura Lou  Yoga Instructor

Laura Lou Pape-McCarthy

CLYL, Laughter Ambassador, Chair Fitness Specialist, Parkinson's Disease Movement & Voice Instructor 

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to add you to their individual email lists.

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