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Laughing All By Yourself

* Give yourself permission and freedom to play, play, WILLING!
* Do not judge the quality of your Laughter.
* You are playing like a child as a form of exercise!
* Pat yourself on the back each time…appreciate your Laughter and playfulness.
* Laugh for 40 days and it becomes a habit!
* Start by doing 3-4 Laughter exercises a day, work up to 15 minutes.
* Stretch and do deep Belly Breathing—yoga breathing.
* Clap your hands, fingertips to fingertips and laugh or cheer at the same time.
* Do all kinds of pretend sounds, including gibberish and animal sounds.

New Surgeon General Advisory Raises Alarm about the Devastating Impact of the Epidemic of Loneliness

and Isolation in the United States

Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy Calls for Action to  Address Public Health Crisis, May 3, 2023

Loneliness vs Lonely
"Being alone does not mean you have to be lonely. The problem is that many consider the terms interchangeable. There is a difference." PositiveHealth, published this is 2003. Loneliness is not has just gotten more common!

Psychology Today,

in a posted article, How Laughing at Yourself Can Be Good for Your Well-Being, points out that, although most of us love to laugh, laughing at ourselves can be a bit harder.

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