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Bring More Laughter Into YOUR Life and the Lives of Others!

Bring More LAUGHTER into YOUR Life as You Spread the JOY of LAUGHTER!

Join Laughing Ginger and Carole Holcomb for 2 days of Laughter and Fun as you become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader
We do COVID Safe Practices and for the Safety of all Participants, Please Test Before You Attend.

Laughing Ginger

Leah, the Laughing Ginger, is A Joy Life Coach, A Medical Qigong Provider, A World Peace Advocate, A Professional Laugher, and an Energy Healer and Body Worker.


She has taught a number of laughter yoga classes for cancer support groups and teaches online class Tuesday and Thursdays for free. Leah is a family and wellness advocate and speaks fluently in ASL-American Sign Language.

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Carole Holcomb
CLYL, CLYT, Laughter Ambassador

Carole is the creator of Laughter Yoga Fun and the card decks Laughter Yoga for Children, and a Laughter Yoga Fun card deck for those of who are older. She spreads the Joy of Fun and Laughter through trainings, resource fairs, businesses and organizations. Her varied background includes teaching small business management and marketing for local colleges.

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July 15-16, 2023
In-Person, In San Jose, CA



Space is Limited!

Recordings are possible at this event. Please notify us if you have questions.
Your contact information will be shared with the instructors.

The 2-day training includes:

  • How to lead Laughter Yoga sessions

  • Health benefits

  • Breathing and relaxation meditations

  • Participating in 50-60 Laughter Yoga exercises

  • How to Create your own Laughter Yoga exercises

  • Solo Laughter

  • Laughter Yoga exercises for specific Communities (medical, seniors, children, etc.)

  • How to market Laughter Yoga to the Community you are interested in

  • And of course, your graduation!

Once you are Certified support is available through a variety of ways:  by telephone or email at any time either from either of us or from other CLYL/Ts if we can’t help, additional workshops, Closed California FB page (even for those out of the area), Facebook Prozone, and Prozone Int. A file on Dropbox is available to you containing research, graphics, logos, etc. Our goal is to help you succeed!

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