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Children And Laughter

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The Importance of Keeping Our Children


Research shows children laugh easily until about the age of 5 and then:

  • Reasoning begins

  • Peer pressure begins to appear

  • Responsibility begins to set in

And, as they grow older, laughter begins a steady decline

Grow up, Laugh Less: Why Is it So? – Life Inspiration Today, August 7, 2013

Children's Health

In 2016-2017, 13.8 million children (or 18.8 percent of children) ages 0-17 years in the United States were reported to have a special health care need.


• Among children ages 3-17 who were reported as needing mental health services in the past 12 months, 80 percent received these services in 2016-2017.

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Health Resources and Services Administration, October, 2018

Research and Articles

Have Children Forgotten How to Play????

Turn on the television to any children’s channel and within an hour you will be inundated with at least 20 advertisements for the latest and greatest toys. Most children, according to some independent surveys have at least 50 different toys in their rooms by the time they are 3 years of age, and the average US child receives at least 5 new toys every Christmas.

Laughter, Humor and Pain Perception in Children: A Pilot Study

Laughter has long been viewed as ‘good medicine’ for a variety of ailments. Only relatively recently have there been careful investigations as to the validity and mechanism of this widely held belief.

For Kids, Laughter Really May Be the Best Medicine

Humor is a very important component of emotional health, maintaining relationships, developing cognitive [brain] function and perhaps even medical health," senior study author Dr. Allan Reiss, director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences Research at Stanford, said in a university news release.

Raising Your Children with Laughter

Nothing warms a parent’s heart like seeing or hearing their children laugh. Kids start to develop a sense of humor from an early age, but it’s not as sophisticated at that time as it will be when they grow up. 

Children and laughter: A winning combination

Often when we think about children, we have a vision of fun, play and laughter. Play is learning for children and laughter is a big part of play. Michigan State University Extension offers programming for families that reinforce how laughter and humor are directly connected to a child’s development; humor can build a child’s vocabulary, reading skills and can assist with creative thinking.

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